This is the Dangerous Laboratories Solar Bike. The bike is a 1998 Kona "Muni-Mula" Mountain Bike with 26" semi-slick tires. It features the Zap Power Systems "DX" motor kit. The specs on the motor can be found at

The device works quite well. It is necessary to pedal to get the bike up to about 9 mph to activate the low speed, otherwise the difference in wheel speed and motor speed causes the motor roller to wear on the tire slightly. High speed requires that the bike be moving at least 15 mph before switching the motor on (which will take the bike up to 19 mph on flat ground). This system provides .6 horsepower which will propel a rider for 15 miles on one charge.

The solar panel on the rider's backpack is a lightweight 5 watt "Uni-Solar" flexible panel from West Marine (1 800 BOATING). This panel is good for an extra 1.9 amp-hours per day. Although 1.9 amp-hours is less than the battery's average discharge rate while riding, the panel does spead the word about solar power! The 20 Amp-Hour battery can be also be charged from the 50 watt panel on the roof of Dangerous Laboratories.

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