Wheal Owles
The mines of the Botallack Group include The Crowns, Wheal Owles, Wheals Cock, Carnyorth, Botallack and Parknoweth. Wheal Edward is also close by. There was an abundance of very fine uraniferous material which sent the geiger counter needle skyrocketing. As this is a very well known place, most of the best samples have already been removed by prior uranium hunters. The land is owned by the National Trust, and mineral collecting is frowned upon. It is definitely worth the visit, however, as the view is incredible!
According to the book "Details of the Mines in West Cornwall":

"Wheal Owles lodes carried some bismuth and uranium ores associated with argentiferous galena in cross-veins. In Wheal Edward, pitchblende is said to have occured on the 40-fathom level and uraninites on the 20-fathom level with some siderite. The uranium ores were separated from the lode walls by earthy limonite."

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